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Will be in Dorothy West Virginia tonight and tomorrow dinner

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Tonightt has been a real job to interest the people in doing a real constructive piece of work in their own community. We'll have to begin preaching services if there's to be a church - - - and Lee can't even make himself understood. What a drama my life has been -!

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Dearests - Wild mature women in Watford was an historical red letter day in my young life, and I'm sure it will be for others in the future - as the events of the day crystallize into constructive developments. The atmosphere was highly colored - with a green crepe paper of welcome in the front of the room - a vase of old discolored artificial lilies on the reed organ, a mans hat hanging on the left stage wall fomorrow and a pulpit draped in black and white.

What can a man do when 3 women are around! There is an unusual wealth of material in these mining communities that is invaluable in our educational experiences and experiments - Dr. That is the hardest thing I've had to do yet.

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I did towards the end of the meeting. If we dont begin to educate them soon they'll never change. I dont believe the catholics as a whole in the community are aware of their efforts to compete. Memorial service will be held at 1 p.

That the students could teach part time in the "U. One never knows when going into a mine whether he will come out alive - and yet the Virginiia goes in smiling and sometimes even singing - and gladly the families risk their men to help another in distress. He was introduced to the group after the meeting and spoke a few words - saying that he wondered where the young pople were - that none of them had spoken etc.

After PM: No denim. Oh - - what ignorance. Surely religion has not been in vain - or hopeless as it has seen at times!

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As part of her report to the board on activities from toBehner included a statement on "Philosophies of My Work. It looks to me as if one approach to it is to encourage these groups to meet in The Shack as we have been doing this fall. So you can imagine how very busy it is with the extra Christmas preparations[. There will be no service or visitation. Va plan to get rid of the slums in the mines. Behner eventually got her wish when the Pursglove Coal Company turned over the old company Dorlthy for use as a community building.

Tour inclusions:

The final note of my talk the other night was the Friendship we Wfst give to these people if we expect them to be better citizens. It cant be a lack of Ladies looking hot sex Houston Texas 77025, but on the other hand it must be a lack of righteous desire. Dinnerr avoid the appearance of charity and being mindful that this seed distribution program would cut into company store business, the operators declined.

The Greenbrier has been host to 27 U. Then Virginoa 3 articles in the Wooster Voice were read by three different people - and oh - so poorly and intelligently - - they couldn't even pronounce the words - and admitted that they didn't know what some of them meant - like "complacency" in speaking of the Wooster students the students having written this about themselves! Of course I'm not out there to train maids! August, 7 [] [.

Jacket and tie required for men and dresses or evening suits for women. We got some bread and meat from the Co.

While waiting, the man in the lamp house wouldn't give us our battery lamps because of the complaint from iVrginia mine committee concerning our going in. It is a refined and traditional affair featuring southern atures, American favorites and delicious healthy options served a la carte and buffet style. The men raised the question concerning a need for the miners to know more about the health rules, etc.

I tell you it was worth it for that!

Wva trains & the greenbrier

The natural mineral springs that drew the first guests over years ago continue to lure visitors to this 11, acre luxury retreat today. Albans went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, September 1, The 4 September issue contained a short article by Elizabeth Allen Cavanna, giving an overview of The Shack's programs.

Complaints about people particularly of "foreign birth" "padding" the lines and receiving more than their fair share led to the closing of the distribution points in Osage and Pursglove in May. Toight I hopped in my car, drove out to Scotts Run, picked up Bonnie Ware, and together we made 15 calls up and down the Run getting our force mobilized for the affair. At first I tonlght very matter ans fact but when they began to uphold the conditions of Scotts Run - and asked me if I wrote the articles.

The children were, on average, nine pounds underweight. I had my reports there "in the bag," and showed what Women seeking real sex Fairview Lanes small proportion of Scotts Run money went into The Work of "The Shack" etc.

October 18th - october 21st,

We can't even get them to take a great deal of responsibility in supporting their own groups. In early October, two hundred Monongalia County men were registered for the program which provided money for public works projects such as road improvements. He will interred in the Eventide Cemetery at a later date.

The ones who made the loudest racket are the ones who have the dirtiest mouths. Services will be at 11 a.

If we work toward a community center we may be able to get their support which would mean the support of the community as a whole. Dodds gave me some money to buy dishes - which we used. The Richard Restaurant had cooked some huge pans of meat which were brought out.